The HipBone Games

The HipBone GamesThe HipBone Games "The HipBone Games are board games in which players link one fact or idea with another, claiming points for each link."

The game is played on a board of ten spaces connected to each other liniyami.Razlichnyh cards with different layouts and connections. The current board consists of the Council of Psyche, Tenstones, wetland birds, pentagram / ​​Mercedes and the PCB.

Players take turns writing the "ideas" in the empty seats on the board. In a competitive game, players score points, "arguing that the connection between the idea in their own course and ideas already in play in those positions on the board plugged into the line of our board. URL can be any form of association -. Similarity, opposition, cause-investigation, the metaphor Bizarre connection can be made and enjoyed - and hotly contested. "

"The pelvic bones game based on the concept of the Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse described in his Nobel Prize-winning novel, The Master Ludi. They are all among the current attempts to bring the game concept Hesse in implementation."